App Building (18)

How to register?

Comrecs App Builder 4 Step registration:

1 – Register for Lifetime Mobile Apps Developer License at Tashlik.

2 – Donate requested amount at PayPal: donatie@odins.nl – use as reference “Donation Comrecs”

3 – Mail your username from Tashlik registration and PayPal transaction ID to admin@comrecs.net

4 – Register for tutorials on www.comrecs.net

Once your username and donation is verified, your account will be ready within 48 hrs!

Your Tashlik account details in the App Builder “Profile” menu under “Subscriptions” will be updated to: Plan Name: Business

Do you offer refunds?

If you don’t succeed to develop and publish an app within 30 days after donation, on request all payments will be refunded at once!. That’s a guarantee!

Mail for donation refund to: admin@comrecs.net. Mail us your email address + PayPal transaction id. After verification we will refund your donation.

Why donation?

As non-profit organisation, we do not sell services. However, for finance we depends on donations.

Donation options?

PayPal donations only.

Do you have tutorials?

On comrecs.net we have video tutorials and ebooks. These are self study elearning materials as offered by Seattle Clouds.

How to deal with questions or issues, do you offer support?

Our helpdesk handles regular questions. Support is 24/7 Ticketsystem. English only. On script malfunctions and server issues, we will forward to Seattle Clouds supportdesk.


Are there any costs, besides the one time donation?

There are costs for app publishing on Google Play ($25 one time payment), Apple App Store ($99 yearly) and Amazon (Free). Payments are done to these companies not to Comrecs. Please check their sites for more information.

How to Cash from mobile apps?

Please take a look at this Awesome Thread and Gift on Warrior Forum!

What makes your service different from other Seattle Clouds based Apps Development companies?

286 App templates and more. 180 App modules!.

Comrecs offers over  286 App templates and 180 App modules.  New templates added each month. Other Seattle Clouds whitelabel companies only offered 56 Р68 basic app templates and less app modules.

How long have you been in business?

Comrecs is part of Non-Profit organisation Stichting ODINS. Stichting ODINS is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (Europe) for almost 10 years.

Is it save to do business with Comrecs | Stichting ODINS?

Stichting ODINS is qualified by the Dutch Tax Authorities as a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation). A PBO qualification is only issued to Trusted Non-Profit Organisations.

How to do due diligence on your organisation?

Stichting ODINS Chamber of Commerce registration number in the Netherlands: 02092360

What’s your organisation’s main website if any?

ODINS.NL– default language is Dutch, please click on select language in upper right corner.

What’s your organisation’s activities in the past?

Stichting ODINS has offered trainings in CMS, IM, Webdevelopment, eBook formatting to jobseekers, unemployed and professionals. We also offered internships to academic students.
Our latest project is eBookuitgeverij.nl, non-profit ebook publishing service.

If one is not familiar with Seattle Clouds Platform, is Comrecs newbie friendly?

Using the tutorials, anyone should be able to build an app and publish. However as with any developing/building process, it takes time to learn. Members already familiar with Seattle Clouds and those willing to learn and take action, will benefit most of Comrecs service.

Will Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon accept my apps build on Comrecs?

Apps should meet all technical content and design criteria of Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon. Please check Apple guidelines on: https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/rejections/

How many PC’s are allowed to use Comrecs per subscription?

Comrecs is web based, so as long as subscriber has an internet connection, he can log on and create apps. Only one login will work at a time.

Do the apps still work if subscription is stopped?

Subscriber must keep subscription active else created apps will have a popup message.